Past events


Seminars held in 2018

  1. 21/09/2018, Stefania Varano (INAF-IRA), "Talking about resolution"
  2. 28/09/2018, Marisa Brienza (INAF-IRA), "Search and modelling of remnant radio galaxies at 150 MHz with LOFAR"
  3. 05/10/2018, Gabriele Giovannini (UNIBO), "Report from the 2018 East Asian VLBI Workshop"
  4. 08/10/2018, Dieter Hengels (Hamburg Observatory), "The phase-lag technique: Distance determinations of obscured red giants"
  5. 09/10/2018, Anna Bonaldi (SKAO), "The Tiered Radio Extragalactic Continuum Simulation (T-RECS)"
  6. 15/10/2018, Roberto Orosei (INAF-IRA), "Radar evidence of subglacial liquid water on Mars"
  7. 16/10/2018, Seog-Tae Han (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute), "A development of compact triple band receiver for millimeter-wave radio astronomy"
  8. 19/10/2018, Franco Vazza (UNIBO), "Looking for significant detections of magnetic fields on cosmological scales"
  9. 16/11/2018, Dharam Vir Lal (NCRA-TIFR), "State of Coma"
  10. 30/11/2018, Andrea Botteon (INAF-IRA, UNIBO), "The LOFAR paper splash: a focus on the galaxy cluster papers"
  11. 10/12/2018, Filippo Maccagni (INAF-OAC), "MeerKAT observations of Fornax A"
  12. 14/12/2018, Marisa Brienza (INAF-IRA), "The LOFAR paper splash: survey products and AGN results"
  13. 21/12/2018, Michael Kreter (Centre for Space Research, North-West University, South Africa), "Targeting the mystery of extragalactic neutrino sources - A Multi-Messenger Window to the Extreme Universe"