The Institute for Radio Astronomy (IRA) is one of the fundamental places where radio astronomical research is carried out in Italy and plays a major role also in the international context. Extragalactic astrophysics, from the investigation of active galactic nuclei to galaxy clusters and spiral galaxies, represent the main area of interest for the IRA research staff. However, a considerable effort is also devoted to galactic astrophysics, from star-formation to stellar astrophysics. Furthermore, IRA is particularly active in fields connected to Earth physics, mainly geodetic research and solar system studies. On the technological front IRA develops state-of-the-art electronics, technology systems, and software for the realization of radio telescopes and related facilities. The Institute operates a computer center specialized in imaging techniques which also acts as a reference center for the software service of the Bologna Research Campus, where IRA is located. The Institute regularly hosts national and international meetings, as well as weekly seminars.

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