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The IRA staff comprises about 100 people distributed over the three divisions in Bologna, Medicina and Noto, including astronomers, electronic engineers, physicists, software specialists, technical and administrative personnel. In addition, scientists from the Astronomy and Physics Departments of the University of Bologna are affiliated with the Institute and participate in the scientific activities at IRA.

The current IRA Director is Dr. Tiziana Venturi. The “Consiglio di Struttura” (an internal board) supports the Director in the activities relative to the management of the Institute.

Members of the “Consiglio di Struttura” of the Institute for Radio Astronomy are:

  • Tiziana Venturi (IRA Director)
  • Pietro Cassaro (nominated – responsible of the Noto Radiotelescope)
  • Gianfranco Brunetti (local coordinator – Raggruppamento Scientifico Nazionale 1 “Galassie e Cosmologia”)
  • Filippo D’Ammando (local coordinator – Raggruppamento Scientifico Nazionale 4 “Astrofisica relativistica e particelle”)
  • Simona Righini (local coordinator – Raggruppamento Scientifico Nazionale 5 “Tecnologie avanzate e strumentazione”)
  • Andrea Maccaferri (elected – representative of IRA staff)
  • Maria Rezzaghi (nominated – representative of IRA staff)
  • Alessandra Zanichelli (elected – representative of IRA staff)