Past events


Seminars held in 2021

  1. 07/01/2021, Isabella Prandoni (INAF-IRA), "The LoTSS Deep Fields: first data release"
  2. 15/01/2021, European ARC (ALMA), "Tutorial on the UVMultiFit library"
  3. 22/01/2021, Matteo Bonato (IRA-INAF), "New constraints on the 1.4 GHz source number counts and luminosity functions in the Lockman Hole field"
  4. 25/01/2021, Bharat Gehlot (Arizona State University), "Peering at the Cosmic Dawn with current generation radio telescopes"
  5. 28/01/2021, Jacqueline Hodge (Leiden Observatory), "A dust-unbiased view of high-redshift star formation"
  6. 05/02/2021, Marisa Brienza (University of Bologna / IRA-INAF), "A unique snapshot of the oldest AGN feedback phases"
  7. 08/02/2021, Lea Marcotulli (Clemson University), "Chasing supermassive black holes at the dawn of the Universe"
  8. 16/02/2021, Riccardo Smareglia e Mauro Nanni (INAF-OAT & INAF-IRA), "Quale roadmap per le infrastrutture informatiche dell’INAF?"
  9. 19/02/2021, Pamela Breda (Kingston University, London, UK), "The Quintessence"
  10. 22/02/2021, Roberto Decarli (INAF-OAS), "Molecular deep fields: State of the art and future perspectives"
  11. 25/02/2021, Kiyoshi Masui (MIT), "A Synoptic View of Fast Radio Bursts with CHIME"
  12. 05/03/2021, Lucia Marchetti (University of Cape Town), "Scientific Exploration of Radio Datasets using the Cloud and Immersive Technologies: paving the way to the SKA"
  13. 11/03/2021, Roberto Casadio (Unversity of Bologna - DIFA), "Bootstrapped Newtonian gravity (from compact objects to cosmology)"
  14. 12/03/2021, Clancy James (Curtin University), "Modelling the FRB population"
  15. 18/03/2021, Eric Jullo (LAM - Marseille), "Dark matter and dark energy with gravitational lensing"
  16. 25/03/2021, Carmela Lardo (University of Bologna), "The enigma of multiple populations in cluster stars"
  17. 26/03/2021, Jacinta Delhaize (University of Cape Town), "MIGHTEE: Are giant radio galaxies more common than we thought?"
  18. 01/04/2021, Nabila Aghanim (Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS, Institut d’astrophysique spatiale), "Unveiling the hot baryons of the cosmic web"
  19. 08/04/2021, Marco Pizzocaro (INRIM), "Intercontinental comparison of optical clocks using very long baseline interferometry"
  20. 09/04/2021, Francesco Carotenuto (Université de Paris & CEA-Saclay), "Relativistic jets from the new black hole X-ray binary MAXI J1348-630"
  21. 22/04/2021, Anita Richards (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astronomy, University of Manchester), "Venus: looking for phosphine with ALMA"
  22. 29/04/2021, Irene Shivaei (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona), "Distant Dusty Universe"
  23. 30/04/2021, Alessandra Zanichelli (IRA-INAF), "The new web site of the Institute for Radio Astronomy"
  24. 06/05/2021, Diederik Kruijssen (Heidelberg University), "Globular clusters revealing the formation and assembly history of the Milky Way"
  25. 07/05/2021, Pranav Kukreti (University of Groningen - ASTRON), "Unmasking the history of 3C293 with LOFAR sub-arcsecond imaging"
  26. 13/05/2021, Lorenzo Amati (INAF-OAS), "The Transient High-Energy Sky and Early universe Surveyor (THESEUS)"
  27. 14/05/2021, Francesca Loi (OAC-INAF), "What we can learn about radio relic with 19 GHz SRT observations: the example of the sausage radio relic"
  28. 17/05/2021, Gianni Bernardi (INAF-IRA), "The Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array (HERA): status update and latest observations of the 21 cm emission from cosmic reionization"
  29. 19/05/2021, Marcello Giroletti (INAF-IRA), "Re-solving multi-messenger puzzles with Very Long Baseline Interferometry"
  30. 21/05/2021, Beatrice Terni de Gregory (INAF-IRA), "A MeerKAT view on galaxy clusters: a radio-optical study of Abell 1300 and MACSJ 1931.8-2634"
  31. 28/05/2021, Claudio Gheller (INAF-IRA), "HPC for radioastronomy: the path toward the SKA"
  32. 31/05/2021, Gianni Bernardi (INAF-IRA), "The Fast Radio Burst Northen Cross project: current results and future outlook"
  33. 10/06/2021, Shiaolin Xiong (Key Laboratory of Particle Astrophysics, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Science), "GECAM status and preliminary results"
  34. 17/06/2021, Tommaso Treu (University of California, Los Angeles), "What's the universe made of? A strong gravitational lensing perspective"