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Monday 25/03/2019 @ 14:30, Sala riunioni quarto piano

Alessandra Zanichelli (INAF-IRA), "Science with the Italian radio telescopes: from a brilliant past to a brighter future"

Since the 1960's radio astronomy has been traditionally one of the most active research areas within the Italian astronomical community, with the Medicina and Noto antennas playing a fundamental role in national and international science projects. The more recent telescope upgrades, in terms of state-of-the-art instrumentation and enhanced observing capabilities, together with the Sardinia Radio Telescope reaching full operation make the INAF radio telescope network now a reality. In this seminar I will overview the capabilities of the Italian radio observing facilities offered to the international community through open Call for Proposals twice per year. I will present the major science cases that have been addressed up to now with the INAF radio telescopes and I will outline some of the new astronomical frontiers that are currently opening up. All this is and will be possible thanks to the instrumentation and software facilities available at the telescopes, among which I will also present the upcoming Radio Data Archive developed under the umbrella of the INAF Italian Center for Astronomical Archives (IA2).