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Friday 05/06/2020 @ 11:30, On-line

Chris Riseley (University of Bologna), "All-sky results from the POlarised GLEAM Survey (POGS)"

Historically, the low-frequency linearly-polarised radio source population has remained largely unexplored. However, the advent of new instrumentation in the SKA Pathfinder and Precursor era, plus recent advances in supercomputing and data processing techniques, have enabled a renaissance in this field. In this talk, I will present the results of the POlarised GLEAM Survey (POGS), an all-sky MWA Phase I Rotation Measure (RM) survey, which covers almost the entire Southern sky between Dec. -82 and Dec. +30 at a reference frequency of 200 MHz. I will discuss the linear polarisation properties of the low-frequency extragalactic radio source population and what the bulk properties of our sample can tell us about the magnetised IGM. I will also present our catalogue of low-frequency detections of known pulsars, and what our precision RMs (typically more than an order of magnitude more precise than previous measurements) allow us to infer about the magnetised ISM of the Milky Way. Finally, I will present for the first time an initial investigation of the low-frequency polarised radio source count.