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Monday 08/07/2019 @ 14:30, Sala riunioni quarto piano

Margherita Molaro (University of the Western Cape/Centre for Radio Cosmology), "An ARTIST's view of the Epoch of Reionisation"

In my talk I will present the Asymmetric Radiative Transfer In Shells Technique (ARTIST), a new radiative transfer (RT) algorithm able to efficiently simulate photon propagation on the large scales relevant to future epoch of reionisation (EoR) experiments (eg HERA, SKA). For these cases, and in computationally viable times, ARTIST explicitly conserves photons, propagates them at the speed of light, approximately accounts for photon directionality, and closely reproduces results of more detailed RT codes. In the talk, I will discuss the picture of the EoR evolution obtained by ARTIST and how this compares with other methods currently applied in making large-scale EoR predictions.