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Friday 28/09/2018 @ 11:30, Sala riunioni quarto piano

Marisa Brienza (INAF-IRA), "Search and modelling of remnant radio galaxies at 150 MHz with LOFAR"

In the study of radio galaxies the phase after the jets have switched off, the remnant or dying phase, is still very poorly understood as very few sources in this stage are known. For a long time there have been claims that sensitive low frequency surveys would lead to the discovery of many remnant radio galaxies and LOFAR now gives us the opportunity to investigate whether this is the case. In this talk I present an extensive search for remnant radio galaxies at 150 MHz in the Lockman Hole, a well-studied extragalactic field, and some JVLA follow-up observations. In addition to this, I will show the results from Monte-Carlo simulations that we have performed to predict the fraction of remnants that should be found in radio flux limited samples, to be compared with observations. This study puts the basis for a more extensive search for remnants that will be performed over the entire LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey, which will finally enable us to investigate this class of sources and their properties in a statistical way.