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Friday 30/11/2018 @ 11:30, Sala riunioni quarto piano

Andrea Botteon (INAF-IRA, UNIBO), "The LOFAR paper splash: a focus on the galaxy cluster papers"

The LOFAR Two-metre Sky Survey (LoTSS) is covering the entire northern sky with unprecedented levels of resolution and sensitivity in the band 120-168 MHz. In February 2019, the first full quality data release of LoTSS in the region of the HETDEX Spring Field will be publicly available. This release will be accompanied by a number of papers recently appeared on arXiv that made use of LOFAR data. These works involved many institutions and scientists, including INAF-IRA personnel. I will give a brief overview of LOFAR, LoTSS, and the LOFAR paper splash, which includes 25 papers on diverse astrophysical topics. In particular, I will focus on the galaxy cluster papers highlighting some interesting results obtained with LOFAR.