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Friday 08/03/2019 @ 14:30, Sala riunioni quarto piano

Andrea Botteon (INAF-IRA, UNIBO), "Shocks and non-thermal phenomena in merging galaxy clusters"

In this talk, I will present the work that I have carried out during my PhD at IRA-INAF. In the last three years, I aimed to improve the knowledge of the origin of radio relics and radio halos in merging galaxy clusters with the usage of radio and X-ray observations. In particular, I obtained important constraints concerning the mechanisms leading to the formation of relativistic particles at cluster shocks and consolidate the relic-shock connection. I was also involved in the LOFAR Surveys KSP and exploited the capabilities of this powerful instrument by studying two galaxy clusters entering the in the exploration of non-thermal phenomena from dynamically complex cluster mergers with multiple components. The PhD Thesis will be defended at DiFA-UniBO on March 20th.