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Page by Viviana Casasola

Here is a list of the graduate students who are currently working or have worked in the past years at IRA.

CYCLE XXXIX (2023-2026)

CYCLE XXXVIII (2022-2025)

CYCLE XXXVII (2021-2024)

CYCLE XXXVI (2020-2023)

  • Stefano Giarratana. Title: The structure and evolution of gamma-ray bursts: mapping multi-frequency and multi-messenger events at high angular resolution. Supervisors: Dr. M. Giroletti, Prof. D. Dallacasa. Place: Bologna
  • Cristina Nanci. Title: Synergies SKA-CTA: jet-accretion process across the mass scale. Supervisors: Dr. M. Giroletti, Prof. D. Dallacasa, Dr. R. Zanin. Place: Bologna

CYCLE XXXV (2019-2022)

  • Bruno Luca, Title: Non-thermal phenomena in galaxy clusters: the LOFAR revolution. Supervisors: Dr. G. Brunetti, Prof., D. Dallacasa. Place: Bologna

CYCLE XXXIV (2018-2021)

  • D’Amato Quirino, Title: The J1030 Field: a new window on SMBH formation and evolution within early large-scale structures. Supervisors: Dr. I. Prandoni, Prof. C. Vignali. Place: Bologna

CYCLE XXXIII (2017-2020)

  • Ignesti Alessandro, Title: Interactions between hot gas and radio plasma in relaxed galaxy clusters. Supervisors: Prof. M. Gitti, Dr. G. Brunetti. Place: Bologna
  • Locatelli Nicola, Title: Detecting the radio signal from the cosmic web filaments. Supervisors: Prof. F. Vazza. Place: Bologna
  • Sabatini Giovanni, Title: Establishing a timeline for the high-mass star formation process. Supervisors: Dr. J. Brand, Prof. G. Giovannini. Place: Bologna
  • Stuardi Chiara, Title: Magnetic field amplification by low Mach number shocks in galaxy clusters. Supervisors: Prof. A. Bonafede. Place: Bologna