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Since 2015 the National Institute of Astrophysics is accredited as 3rd class body at the National Office for the Civil Service for the employment of volunteers in the Civil Service and is registered in the National Register. Among the 18 INAF research institutes, 8 are accredited for this service, and IRA is one of these.

In 2016 INAF presented a Civil Service project entitled “Young people and new technologies: the dissemination of astronomy for personal and cultural growth” for structuring organically INAF activities through the presence of young people in the SCN, and increasing their quantity in the following areas: (A) Astronomy and Territory; (B) Science in the classroom; (C) Open laboratories.

In the framework of this project, in September 2017, IRA hosted two volunteers of the National Civil Service, who worked on the design and implementation of events and videos for the public and on the improvement and experimentation in schools of educational activities and laboratories designed by IRA.

Since the service became Universal Civil Service in 2019, opportunities are being studied for INAF and IRA to be accredited to host new volunteers.