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IRA headquarters are located in the Bologna Research Campus. Upon arrival, guests must register at the Campus entrance where a temporary badge will be provided to them, allowing daily access. For security reasons, badges must be used whenever one enters or exits the Campus gates.

Collaborators and guests who are going to spend a period of time at IRA must contact the Secretary (IRA second floor) to get information on the assigned office space and the internal rules. The Secretary will extend the badge validity for the duration of the stay. Access to the Institute is permitted during working days from 7am to 8pm and can be extended upon authorization of the IRA Director.

The IRA Library is located on the second floor, where a collection of books is available for consultation, while astronomical journals and the collection of IRA Technical Reports are located on the third floor in the cafeteria room. A larger collection of books and journals is hosted in the Campus Library accessible from the main hall, where a book-crossing point is also present.

IRA guests and collaborators can use the canteen and the cafeteria in the Research Campus, accessible from the main hall (more info here).