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Thursday 19/05/2022 @ 11:30, JAC - Sala IV piano Battiferro (remote)

Annie Hughes (Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie (Tolouse)), "Structure and Organization of the Cold ISM in Nearby Galaxies"

The Physics at High Angular resolution in Nearby Galaxies (PHANGS) project is an international collaboration to study the interplay of the small-scale physics of gas and star formation with galactic structure and galaxy evolution across a representative sample of star-forming main sequence galaxies in the local Universe (d<20Mpc). With observations at high angular resolution (<100pc) from ALMA, VLT/MUSE and the HST (and soon the JWST!), the PHANGS legacy datasets provide a detailed, panchromatic view of ionised gas, stellar light and the cold molecular gas in nearby galaxies and enable statistical studies of star formation and feedback across different galaxy environments. In this talk, I will give an overview of the PHANGS project, and highlight recent PHANGS results about physical conditions in the molecular gas reservoir, the timescales of star formation activity and chemical enrichment in PHANGS galaxies.