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Friday 17/11/2023 @ 11:30, Sala riunioni quarto piano e on-line (

Alice Concas (ESO, Garching bei München, Germany), "The Galaxy Baryon Cycle: Gas, Star Formation, and Feedback"

The formation and evolution of galaxies are governed by the continuous flow of gas in & out of the system. Galaxies accrete fresh gas from the environment, convert it into stars, and release enriched material into the ISM via stellar winds, supernovae explosions, and AGN feedback. I will present multiwavelength observational studies aimed at characterizing the galaxy baryon cycle and test galaxy formation models. In particular I will focus on (1) the connection between cold gas, dust and star-formation activity, exploiting the synergy between millimeter observations and optical spectroscopy (e.g., the ALMAQUEST survey), and (2) the demographics of multi-phase galactic outflows at both low and high z, using optical and NIR spectroscopy (e.g., the KLEVER survey).