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Monday 26/06/2023 @ 14:30, Sala riunioni quarto piano e on-line (

Miguel Vioque (Joint ALMA Observatory - Santiago, Chile), "Clustering properties of intermediate and high-mass Young Stellar Objects"

Intermediate and high-mass young stellar objects (1.5 to 20 Msun YSOs) have a large impact on the interstellar medium and nearby forming stars. In addition, they are often very interesting for planet formation and disk evolution studies. Historically, the study of the general properties of intermediate and high-mass YSOs has been limited by the lack of a well-defined sample, and because few and mostly serendipitously discovered sources were known. This has recently changed thanks to the homogeneous discovery of many new stars of the class. Today, I summarize the observational characteristics of this type of forming stars. In addition, I present the results of our Gaia-based analysis on the clustering properties of intermediate and high-mass YSOs, showing the fraction of massive forming stars in relative isolation.