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Friday 24/09/2021 @ 11:30, On-line -

Marta Spinelli (ETH Zurich), "Chasing Neutral Hydrogen: an Intensity Mapping view of the large scale structure"

Radio telescopes such as MeerKAT, and in the future SKA, can map the spatial distribution of the low redshift cosmic neutral hydrogen using Intensity Mapping techniques for the 21 cm line. These measurements can unveil the underlying large-scale structure of the Universe and contribute in a fundamental way to constrain cosmological parameters. A key challenge is the subtraction of the bright foregrounds, orders of magnitude stronger than the 21cm signal. It is, therefore, crucial to assess through simulations the performance of foreground cleaning in realistic scenarios, improving both the sky model and the instrument characterization. In this talk, I will present the current status of an Intensity Mapping survey with MeerKAT in single-dish mode. I will also discuss the effort, carried out with the SKA Intensity Mapping Focus Group to construct a realistic mock data cube for both MeeKAT and the SKA, and to test and compare different foreground cleaning methods.