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Thursday 10/06/2021 @ 10:00, JAC - Sala IV piano Battiferro (remote)

Shiaolin Xiong (Key Laboratory of Particle Astrophysics, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Science), "GECAM status and preliminary results"

GECAM (Gravitational wave high-energy Electromagnetic Counterpart All-sky Monitor) is an all-sky monitor consisting of two small satellites launched in Dec. 2020. The main science objective is to unveil X-ray and gamma-ray transients all over the sky especially associated with GW, FRB and other multi-messenger and multi-wavelength sources. GECAM features very wide Field of View (FOV), moderate localization accuracy, low energy threshold (down to ~8 keV) and wide energy band (up to ~5 MeV), as well as near real-time alerts (time latency is about 1 minute). Here I will present the commissioning status and preliminary results, including the detection of gamma-ray bursts, magnetars, thermonuclear X-ray bursts, solar flares and terrestrial gamma-ray flashes.