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Friday 21/05/2021 @ 15:00, On-line -

Beatrice Terni de Gregory (INAF-IRA), "A MeerKAT view on galaxy clusters: a radio-optical study of Abell 1300 and MACSJ 1931.8-2634"

We present results from a radio-optical study of the galaxy populations of the galaxy clusters Abell 1300 and MACSJ 1931.8-2634, both located at z~0.3 but in different dynamical stage, aimed at finding evidence of merger-induced radio emission. Radio observations are taken at 1.28 GHz with the MeerKAT interferometer during its early-stage commissioning phase, and combined with archive optical data. These observations served to test calibration and imaging pipelines for MeerKAT. We generated radio catalogues above a 0.2 mJy threshold and within a 30 arcmin radius from the cluster centre (corresponding to 8.1 and 8.8 Mpc for Abell 1300 and MACSJ1931.8-2634 respectively). By cross-correlating the radio and optical catalogues, and including spectroscopic information, 9 and 6 sources were found to be cluster members and used to construct the radio luminosity functions (RLFs) respectively for both clusters: RLF is the most powerful tool to investigate the influence of the environment on the radio properties of galaxies. In this talk, I will show our MeerKAT images, the radio catalogues, the radio-optical cross-identification, and our statistical results in term of source counts and radio luminosity functions. The analysis presented in this work, though limited by the small statistics, aligns with the previous studies in the field.