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Coffee talks

Friday 30/04/2021 @ 11:30, On-line -

Alessandra Zanichelli (IRA-INAF), "The new web site of the Institute for Radio Astronomy"

The realization of a new web site for the Institute for Radio Astronomy originated from the desire to describe IRA activities and skills in a more flexible and modern way, taking advantage of the possibilities that the new web development platforms offer. In this presentation I will illustrate the choices underlying the design and implementation of the website, made keeping in mind the two target communities: the IRA staff and the external public (including non-astronomers). On the one hand it was in fact necessary to meet the needs of the staff in terms of services and information, and to provide a customizable space to describe their own research. On the other hand, the multiplicity of IRA activities ranging from science and technology to teaching and dissemination, including the management of three important international observational facilities, must be illustrated in the most effective way.