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Friday 09/04/2021 @ 11:30, On-line -

Francesco Carotenuto (Université de Paris & CEA-Saclay), "Relativistic jets from the new black hole X-ray binary MAXI J1348-630"

Black hole X-ray binaries in outburst are able to launch powerful radio-emitting outflows, either in the form of compact, collimated jets or in spectacular, often apparently superluminal, plasma bubbles. I will present radio and X-ray observations of the discovery outburst of MAXI J1348-630, a new black hole X-ray binary first detected in January 2019, including data from MeerKAT, ATCA, Swift and MAXI. During our campaign, we monitored the evolution of compact jets, probing in detail their clear connection with the accretion disk, and we resolved two bright discrete ejecta. These components displayed the highest proper motion ever measured for an accreting black hole binary and were detected at large scale due to their late interaction with the ISM. Our full coverage of the ejecta motion allowed us to infer properties of the environment surrounding the system and to conclude that these objects only radiate away a very small fraction of their total energy.